Rotarians from Newbury, Mirfield, Edinburgh and Helsinborg in Sweden visited their projects in Ukerewe last month. Ukerewe District is made up of 38 islands in Lake Victoria, Tanzania. 15 of these are inhabited. The district’s population is 350,000 and most are subsistence farmers or fishermen. The per capita income in the country is $1 per day; on Ukerewe it is half that. There are 120 primary schools and 23 secondary schools. The Rotary projects so far have helped 7 schools to develop surrounding unused land into mini farms. Swedish NGO ViAgrofestry and a group of farmers have also helped. The schools’ headmasters have reported that the programme helps to fees about 7,000 pupils 3 or 4 times a week during the harvest season.

Other projects, ongoing and planned, include equipment and training for the hospital, school twinning, links with UK medical schools, provision of sewing machines and reusable sanitary pads, health quizzes for the secondary schools. These are in collaboration with the schools and the District Medical Officer and other local community groups.

The Rotary projects over the years have been supported by a number of organisations and individuals, as well as by Rotary Foundation global grants and distirct grants.

You will hear more about the project at the conference.
For more details or to get involved contact John Philip of Newbury Rotary. [email protected]

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