We expect that many conference delegates will travel to Oxford for each day of the conference and so will not need any hotel accommodation.

However, some of you may be planning to stay overnight on Friday or Saturday and so be interested in some advice on where to stay. This is for you.

There are lots of hotels and guest houses in Oxford. If you are not familiar with Oxford, please note that cars are not encouraged and some of the city centre hotels have very limited parking facilities.
There are hotels on the edge of the city, with large car parks, and quite a few are on the main roads into the city with good bus services. (See the travel info page for info on the park & ride car parks….)

We do not have an official conference hotel, as has sometimes been the norm in previous years. And we have not negotiated conference rates for any hotels. We think that you will be able to get better deals yourselves using some of the many online systems.

If you want to know where to stay:

The King’s Centre, our main venue for the day, is just off Botley Road on the west side of Oxford.

The Friday evening theatre and dinner will be at Exeter Hall in Kidlington, north of Oxford.

The Saturday evening dinner will be at Keble College, in the city centre and at the bottom of the Banbury Road and Woodstock Road, both of which head north out of the city.

Some of the conference team and guests will be staying at the Oxford Spires Voco Hotel on Abingdon Road (the road south out of Oxford).

There is a Travel Lodge further along the Abingdon Road.

There is a Premier Inn at the end of Botley Road, just next to the ring road.

There are hotels in the north of the city – Jury’s Inn at the top of the Woodstock Road, EasyHotel in Summertown on Banbury Road (due to open later in 2021???), the Holiday Inn at the Peartree roundabout.

There is also accommodation at Keble College, for those who only want to stagger across the college lawns from the dining hall to their room on Saturday evening.

There is a Youth Hostel next to the train station, a 15-minute walk from the King’s Centre.

We hope to provide some transport on the Friday and Saturday evenings. On Saturday this will include pickups and drop-offs along the Abingdon and Botley Roads. There is parking around the King’s Centre and Exeter Hall. There is no parking available at Keble College.

See the travel section for more info……